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Automatically open/send report when log has error



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    • 4.5.0.AM1
    • 4.1.1.Alpha1
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      Step 1:

      Step 2:

      Step 3:

      Result Page:

      Where to:
      1. Error Dialog (Steps 1,2,3) – when problem occurs Error Dialog appears and provides opportunity to report a bug
      2. Error Log View (Steps 2,3) (Tool-bar, Menu, Context menu) – report problem for selected stack-trace
      3. Help->Report Problem Dialog (Steps 2,3) – report problem which may be not related with any exceptions

      1. We should filter this dialog appearance by Severity, by Existence (local in log file and remote in JIRA), by Time (not often then one time in a minute, in case of crash where could be a lot of exceptions in short period of time). Offer automatic send report?
      1. and 2. should create issues in “special” project (see Preconditions). 3. may create issues directly to project Tools (JBoss Tools)?

      Feature list:
      1. Log in/Anonymous bug reporting (If the user has login to JIRA he can report issues with it. Or he can do it anonymously)
      2. Check Exception Stack-trace for duplicate
      3. Report should contain all needed (useful) information about user's environment (JDK/JRE version, eclipse version, OS version, configuration, etc)
      4. As much as possible fields should be filled up automatically (project, issue type, priority, component/s, affects version/s, environment) may be some of them should be filled up later by Administrator
      5. User should be able to see all the data he is going to send (see tab "Source View")
      6. Show communication errors
      7. Return link to created JIRA
      8. Inform user about the general/common process of bug reporting (see Work-flow)
      9. Option to attach log file
      10. Option to attach screen-shot

      1. We need to create “special” project in JIRA to primary report issue to with anonymous (or dedicated) user.
      2. We need person as Administrator (QE-?) to periodically verifying issue from “special” project.

      1. User decides/agrees to report the problem (see list Where to)
      2. Report Problem dialog appears, user fills up the form
      2. Dialog checks for existing exception stack-traces (when stack-trace available) or by key-words from field summary.
      3. If validation passes dialog creates issue in “special” project of JIRA (see Preconditions)
      4. User gets link to created issue and short description of what will happen next. (features 7. 8.)
      5. Administrator should periodically check “special” project and verify all issues. Administrator may reject issue or correct (versions, components etc, if needed) and move to project Tools (JBoss Tools).

      Primary Description:
      JBT should set up an ILogListener on the Eclipse log and send an error report whenever something is logged as error.
      As it's probably not possible to send the error report without asking users, it should show the "Report problem" page.
      NetBeans does that and has reported an actual quality benefit.


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