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Improve visibility for developers when test failures persist for multiple builds (Jenkins emails are ignored)


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      First iteration: https://issues.jboss.org/browse/JBIDE-15470, as generated by this: https://github.com/jbdevstudio/jbdevstudio-ci/blob/master/bin/createTestFailureJIRA.py

      Max Andersen said:

      i would put the details in attachment i think. its a bit overloaded otherwise I think,
      btw. is this something you will run when you find a failed buid or did you say you would detect when hit a certain amont of fail you generate it ?
      if auto generated shuold take care to not keep opening new jiras again andagain
      maybe add a "watermark" to detect stil open test failure jiras

      Idea here is to run this tool as needed when I notice that builds which are supposed to be frozen and stable are showing test failures persisting for multiple builds. Could also run against master jobs, but less critical.

      Not sure what you mean by a watermark, or how that would be implemented. Please elaborate.

      As this is purely a workflow optimization, it does NOT affect docs.

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