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Investigate usage of Windows Tester Pro for UI Tests



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      From mistria@redhat.com

      During EclipseCon Europe, I chatted with a guy who's a pure technology-agnostic guy (not a guru, not an evangelist, just a user who gives his user story in an objective way). He used to use SWTBot to write tests, but he started using Google WindowTester Pro [1] tool since it was released under EPL by Google [2]. He told me that WindowTester Pro has a bot API quite similar to SWTBot, compatible with JUnit and Tycho; and the most interesting point is that Window Tester contains a recorder which allows to record tests pretty easily. This could help us to write tests, but also be used by end-users to provide their failing scenarios as WindowTester scenarios.
      The recorder simply logs all SWT events and tries to turn meaningful sequences of Events to user-grained UI operations (such as click). I was reported that 90% of code written by the recorder is good for industrial testing, the 10 remaining % requires some refactoring and Java coding; and that using WindowTester Pro takes half the time as recording+writing SWTBot tests to provide exactly the same thing, with the same level of (re)usability and maintainability.




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