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[maintenance[ Remote deployment to AS7/EAP6: failed to create folder


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    • 3.3.1.Final
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      With the fix for JBIDE-12185, there is still an issue when deploying exploded modules to remote as7/eap6 servers.
      There is an error which says that the destination folder of the app cannot be created. But in fact it is created and the deployment works as expected. This is the error:

      !ENTRY org.jboss.ide.eclipse.as.core 4 1644298242 2012-06-18 10:43:14.643
      !MESSAGE Full publish failed for module dynproj
      !SUBENTRY 1 org.jboss.ide.eclipse.as.rse.core 4 1644298251 2012-06-18 10:43:14.644
      !MESSAGE failed to create folder /home/rasp/jbossqa/runtimes/jboss-eap-6.0.0.GA/standalone/deployments/dynproj.war on host marvin.brq.redhat.com
      !STACK 0
      org.eclipse.rse.services.files.RemoteFileIOException: Operation failed. File system input or output error
      	at org.eclipse.rse.internal.services.ssh.files.SftpFileService.makeSystemMessageException(SftpFileService.java:594)
      	at org.eclipse.rse.internal.services.ssh.files.SftpFileService.createFolder(SftpFileService.java:1105)
      	at org.jboss.ide.eclipse.as.rse.core.RSERemotePublishHandler$4.run(RSERemotePublishHandler.java:156)
      	at org.jboss.ide.eclipse.as.rse.core.RSERemotePublishHandler$1.run(RSERemotePublishHandler.java:79)

      Deployment of exploded archives to remote servers is very slow anyway. So until we can improve the performance I would suggest using zipped archives as default for remote servers. But this issue needs to be fixed nonetheless.

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