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Add ModeShape Tools JCR CND Editor Features To SOA Tooling Sites and Central (was Kits)


      I have added 2 new features to the ModeShape Tools project relating to JBIDE-10702 JCR CND Editor. These new features should be added to the same SOA kits as the existing "org.jboss.tools.modeshape.rest.feature" is included in. The "org.jboss.tools.modeshape.jcr.feature" feature should therefore be added to, I believe, the JBT SOA Tooling aggregate, JBDS SOA Tooling aggregate, JBT SOA Tooling Central Discovery, and JBDS SOA Tooling Central Discovery kits (site.xml files). The "org.jboss.tools.modeshape.jcr.test.feature" feature should, I believe, be then added to the SOA tests site kit. I do not have write privileges so Nick has volunteered to add these features to the kits (site.xml files).

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