[7:34 PM] Brian Stansberry: @StuartDouglas do we need an elytron equivalent to ?
      [7:35 PM] Brian Stansberry: a lazy JIRA search didn't reveal any open issue
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      [7:35 PM] Stuart Douglas: we do indeed
      [7:39 PM] Brian Stansberry: i've been chasing down uses of SimpleSecurityManagerService.SERVICE_NAME which is why I saw that
      [7:44 PM] Brian Stansberry: @StuartDouglas I'll file a JIRA. Unfortunately I have no clue what elytron construct would do the equivalent
      [7:45 PM] Stuart Douglas: I am not 100% sure either
      [7:45 PM] Stuart Douglas: at the moment it is mapped at either a Web or EJB level
      [7:46 PM] Stuart Douglas: Actually I think I know
      [7:46 PM] Brian Stansberry: the current stuff is doing thread local lookups
      [7:46 PM] Stuart Douglas: It would just be SecurityDomain.getCurrent().getSecurityIdentity()
      [7:46 PM] Brian Stansberry: i.e. the picketbox stuff, SimpleSecurityManager
      [7:48 PM] Stuart Douglas: If you are going to file a JIRA can you assign it to me?
      [7:49 PM] Stuart Douglas: and I can have a look at it after I am done with what I am currently working on

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