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Add runtime name capabilities to EAP 6/7 deployment order section


      A client wanted to specify deployment order. He had 3 core applications and 20+ applications that depended on the 3 to start.

      jboss-all.xml allows you to specify order of deployments, but it's documented that you must you the use the EXACT filename of the dependency.

      He didn't want to have to specify the exact name (Ex.coreapp1-1.2.0.ear) in each of those 20+ applications. Every time one of the 3 core apps changed a version, he would have to update all 20+ again.

      To solve this, he can set a generic runtime name for his core applications like so: coreapp1.ear

      Then, he references the runtime name in his jboss-all.xml and doesn't have to update it for new versions.

      In the documentation below, we should let users know that it is possible to use the runtime name for jboss-all.xml instead of an exact filename.



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