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(7.1.x) Wrong error msg in datasource wizard for duplicate JNDI name


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    • 7.1.0.DR14
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      Adding a datasource with a JNDI name that is already used displays the wrong error message.


      In adding a new test datasource, I got an error in the GUI under the JNDI name that says "JNDI name has to start with 'java:/' or 'java:jboss/'". Mine did ("java:jboss/datasources/ExampleDS"). Then I realized that I was using the same JNDI name as the ExampleDS, and perhaps it didn't like that. If I change it to something else, it works. But the error message is incorrect. I see that there is a message in the UIConstants.properties file of "Datasource with that JNDI name already exists.", but it doesn't look like it's being used.

            mstefank Martin Stefanko
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