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MechanismInformationCallback blocks certificate based authn (Undertow with Elytron)


      It is not possible to set up authentication based on certificates. Following the community documentation [1,2] to set up 2-way SSL for apps and certificates based auth. Everything works as expected until a client with client certificate tries to access protected resource that should be accessible. Such resource returns 403 Forbidden instead of 200 OK. Trace log:

      13:31:15,565 TRACE [org.wildfly.security] (default task-33) Evidence verification: evidence = org.wildfly.security.evidence.X509PeerCertificateChainEvidence@42d7e114  evidencePrincipal = CN=client
      13:31:15,566 TRACE [org.wildfly.security] (default task-33) X500 principal [CN=client] decoded as name [client] (attribute values: [client])
      13:31:15,566 TRACE [org.wildfly.security] (default task-33) Principal assigning: [CN=client], pre-realm rewritten: [client], realm name: [ksRealm], post realm rewritten: [client], realm rewritten: [client]
      13:31:15,566 TRACE [org.wildfly.security] (default task-33) X500 principal [CN=client] decoded as name [client] (attribute values: [client])
      13:31:15,566 TRACE [org.wildfly.security] (default task-33) Evidence verification succeed for alias [client]
      13:31:15,566 TRACE [org.wildfly.security] (default task-33) Role mapping: principal [client] -> decoded roles [] -> realm mapped roles [] -> domain mapped roles [Guest, Admin]
      13:31:15,566 TRACE [org.wildfly.security] (default task-33) Authorizing principal client.
      13:31:15,566 TRACE [org.wildfly.security] (default task-33) Authorizing against the following attributes: [] => []
      13:31:15,566 TRACE [org.wildfly.security] (default task-33) Permission mapping: identity [client] with roles [Guest, Admin] implies ("org.wildfly.security.auth.permission.LoginPermission" "") = true
      13:31:15,566 TRACE [org.wildfly.security] (default task-33) Authorization succeed
      13:31:15,566 TRACE [org.wildfly.security] (default task-33) Authentication succeed for principal [CN=client]
      13:31:15,573 TRACE [org.wildfly.security] (default task-34) Handling MechanismInformationCallback
      13:31:15,574 TRACE [org.wildfly.security] (default task-34) java.lang.IllegalStateException: ELY01119: Unable to resolve MechanismConfiguration for mechanismType='HTTP', mechanismName='CLIENT_CERT', hostName='localhost', protocol='https'.

      The last message comes from ServerAuthenticationContext [3].

      [1] https://docs.jboss.org/author/display/WFLY/Using+the+Elytron+Subsystem#UsingtheElytronSubsystem-EnableTwoWaySSL%2FTLSinWildFlyforApplications
      [2] https://docs.jboss.org/author/display/WFLY/Using+the+Elytron+Subsystem#UsingtheElytronSubsystem-ConfigureAuthenticationwithCertificates
      [3] https://github.com/wildfly-security/wildfly-elytron/blob/6e4dad322ab0421522979448ea18801c2832791c/src/main/java/org/wildfly/security/auth/server/ServerAuthenticationContext.java#L904

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