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Unable to authenticate with kerberos ticket to http management interface secured by legacy solution


      When http management interface is secured with kerberos in legacy security solution.

      • By accessing management interface with browser (e.g. http://localhost.localdomain:9990/management?operation=attribute&name=server-state ) http status code 403 is returned instead of 401. That mean also there is no http header "WWW-Authenticate: Negotiate". So authentication with kerberos ticket is not even tried.
      • By accessing http management intarface with jboss-cli output is
        1: Failed to connect to the controller: Unable to authenticate against controller at localhost.localdomain:9990: Authentication failed: the server presented no authentication mechanisms

      This is regression against EAP 7.0. Customers migrating to EAP 7.1 won't be able to continue using this feature.

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