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JBossWS - Upgrade woodstox to 5.x so jbossws-cxf-client with product BOM depends on productized jar


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    • 7.1.0.DR16
    • 7.1.0.DR7, 7.1.0.DR9
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      EAP 7.1.0 DR7 has upgraded woodstox, using 5.x via JBEAP-6309. The main motivation was Java 9 and to use latest bits. I think Tomaz mentioned that this was pretested on WS side.

      Woodstox has moved home from codehaus to github. As result they changed GAV.

      Please upgrade to 5.0.3 which is currently in DR7.
      JBossWS is using 4.4.1 - https://github.com/jbossws/jbossws-cxf/blob/master/pom.xml#L110

      We can see upstream version of woodstox in jbossws-cxf-client dep tree as the GAV changed and the runtime BOM knows just com.fasterxml.woodstox:woodstox-core:5.0.3.redhat-1

         +- org.codehaus.woodstox:woodstox-core-asl:jar:4.4.1:compile
         |  \- org.codehaus.woodstox:stax2-api:jar:3.1.4.redhat-1:compile


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