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Checkbox for enabling statistics of webservices allows to enter expression


      When on configuration - subsystems - webservices, user can use Shift + click on checkbox to enter an expression for the value instead of just checking/unchecking. However, an attempt to enter an expression results in error because 'statistics-enabled' attribute of webservices subsystem doesn't allow an expression as its value.

      "statistics-enabled" => {
          "type" => BOOLEAN,
          "description" => "Whether statistics are to be gathered for endpoints, default value is 'false'.",
          "expressions-allowed" => false,
          "nillable" => true,
          "default" => false,
          "access-type" => "read-write",
          "storage" => "configuration",
          "restart-required" => "no-services"

      Web console could detect this and only allow Shift+click on boolean attributes that can use expressions.

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