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(7.1.0) Deploying and undeploying default web application with welcome root results in 404 (instead of returning content defined by welcome-content handler)


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    • 7.1.0.DR1
    • 7.0.0.ER5
    • Undertow
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      • When I install EAP and access http://localhost:8080/ welcome page is returned. - OK
      • When I deploy my custom web application with the app defined for root context => in jboss-web.xml there is defined <context-root>/</context-root>, after accessing http://localhost:8080/ the content of my application is returned. - OK
      • When I undeploy the previously custom application used as default welcome page and try to access http://localhost:8080/, the 404 is returned (I would expect 200 is returned with the original welcome page defined by the welcome-file handler.

      Note: Reloading the server configuration makes the original welcome page again accessible.

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