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Add help text about jboss.undefinded.host for the wsdl-host attribute


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      would be doable to add the text to the
      resource-description of wsdl-url, related to the use of
      jboss.undefined.host ?

      The path

      I ask that because HAL consumes and exposes the resource-description
      of each attribute and having the help text about the
      jboss.undefined.host in wsdl-host also helps CLI users.

      A suggestion for the text:

      "Webservice endpoint WSDL URL. If wsdl-host is set to
      jbossws.undefined.host, Wildfly uses the requester's host when
      rewriting the <soap:address>"

            jperkins-rhn James Perkins
            cmiranda@redhat.com Claudio Miranda
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