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(7.1.0) Provide username in trace logging for sec constraint during logout


      With addition of trace logging for security constraint processing, there is added debug message Logging out user... here is the source. Unfortunatelly this will be translated into the log like this:

      DEBUG [io.undertow.request.security] (default task-4) Logging out user org.wildfly.extension.undertow.security.AccountImpl@36ebcb for HttpServerExchange{ GET /secured-web/logout.jsp request {Connection=[Keep-Alive], Accept-Encoding=[gzip,deflate], Cookie=[JSESSIONID=wLMwH7gyCnqb5ZKcAxcjRF8j7UIuo9FEA38VKe6s.dhcp-10-40-4-199], User-Agent=[Apache-HttpClient/4.5.1 (Java/1.8.0_91)], Host=[]} response {X-Powered-By=[Undertow/1, JSP/2.3], Server=[JBoss-EAP/7], Content-Type=[text/html;charset=utf-8]}}

      Problem I see here is that there is printed only string of AccountImpl instance, not actual user name that has logout.

      Is it possible to provide username instead in this case instead?

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