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Journal object store is not capable to remove record of crashred transaction during commit for JTS


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      By further testing of release with Narayana 5.2.15.Final we've found another issue related to JBEAP-3994. The fix for JBEAP-3994 fixes this one as well.

      When journal object store with JTS is used and crash happens somewhere on XAResource#commit then resource record connected to that resource is left in transaction store "forever".

      Attaching log stores for comparision of failure for Narayana 5.2.15 and 5.2.13 (where this worked fine).

            thjenkin@redhat.com Tom Jenkinson
            ochaloup@redhat.com Ondrej Chaloupka (Inactive)
            Ondrej Chaloupka Ondrej Chaloupka (Inactive)
            Ondrej Chaloupka Ondrej Chaloupka (Inactive)
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