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WARN Lost the lock ... during clean shutdown


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    • 8.0.0.GA-CR1
    • ActiveMQ, JMS
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      During clean shutdown of EAP server somtimes happens [1] that following WARN is logged:

      2023-09-15 20:13:11,545 WARN  [org.apache.activemq.artemis.core.server.impl.FileLockNodeManager] (Thread-1 (ActiveMQ-scheduled-threads)) Lost the lock according to the monitor, notifying listeners

      It looks like there is scheduled thread executed during shutdown sequence when Artemis service is already stopped and file lock released.

      Issue is intermittent and thus harder to reproduce.

      Customer impact: There is a chance that unexpected WARN will occur during clean shutdown

      [1] https://jenkins.eapqe.psi.redhat.com/job/eap-8.x-acceptance-multinode-rhel/jdk=adoptiumjdk-11,label_exp=RHEL9&&dynamic&&medium/2158/testReport/org.jboss.manu.eap.units.server/CheckServerLogs/checkLogsAfterStopStandaloneFullXmlDifferentBindAddress2_unwantedexpression/

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