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EAP 8 QS distribution zip contains redundant .adoc Readmes and other files


      As it was previously discussed in https://chat.google.com/room/AAAAcoGzFCI/46pZ4NAlgrI thread, one can expect that content of [1] is simply archived and moved to [2]. However, when comparing diff between [1] and [2] it appears that zip distribution contains (yet useful, but not required) .adoc Readme files along with some .cli scripts (at the same time it's expected that there is no Readme.md file that is present in [1]). Moreover, zip distribution contains .github folder with ci.yml Github Actions configuration.

      Do we really need them (.adoc, .cli and .github) in QS zip distribution?

      [1] https://github.com/jboss-developer/jboss-eap-quickstarts/archive/refs/tags/EAP_8.0.0.Beta.zip
      [2] http://download.devel.redhat.com/released/JBoss-middleware/eap8/8.0.0-Beta/jboss-eap-8.0.0.Beta-quickstarts.zip

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