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[GSS](8.0.z) HAL-1884 - EAP Management console does not show credential store and alias in the datasource configuration


      When datasource password is obfuscated with credential store and alias, the credential store and the alias are not visible in the JBoss EAP admin console.

      Steps to reproduce:

      Configure a credential store and replace datasource password with credential reference:

       [mavassil@fedora bin]$ ./elytron-tool.sh credential-store --create --location "/home/mavassil/Downloads/tests/jboss-eap-7.4.12/jboss-eap-7.4/domain/configuration/cred_stores/my_store.jceks" --password supersecretstorepassword
      Credential Store has been successfully created
      [mavassil@fedora bin]$ ./elytron-tool.sh credential-store --location "/home/mavassil/Downloads/tests/jboss-eap-7.4.12/jboss-eap-7.4/domain/configuration/cred_stores/my_store.jceks" --password supersecretstorepassword --add db-password --secret sa
      Alias "db-password" has been successfully stored
      [mavassil@fedora bin]$ ./jboss-cli.sh 
      grep: warning: stray \ before -
      grep: warning: stray \ before -
      You are disconnected at the moment. Type 'connect' to connect to the server or 'help' for the list of supported commands.
      [disconnected /] connect
      [domain@localhost:9990 /] /host=master/subsystem=elytron/credential-store=CS:add(location="cred_stores/my_store.jceks",relative-to="jboss.domain.config.dir",credential-reference={clear-text=supersecretstorepassword},create=false)
      {"outcome" => "success"}
      [domain@localhost:9990 /] /profile=full/subsystem=elytron/credential-store=CS:add(location=/home/mavassil/Downloads/tests/jboss-eap-7.4.12/jboss-eap-7.4/domain/configuration/cred_stores/my_store.jceks,credential-reference={clear-text=supersecretstorepassword},create=false)
          "outcome" => "success",
          "result" => undefined,
          "server-groups" => {"main-server-group" => {"host" => {"master" => {
              "server-one" => {"response" => {"outcome" => "success"}},
              "server-two" => {"response" => {"outcome" => "success"}}
      [domain@localhost:9990 /] batch
      [domain@localhost:9990 / #] /profile=full/subsystem=datasources/data-source=ExampleDS:write-attribute(name=credential-reference,value={store=CS, alias=db-password})
      [domain@localhost:9990 / #] /profile=full/subsystem=datasources/data-source=ExampleDS:undefine-attribute(name=password)
      [domain@localhost:9990 / #] run-batch
      The batch executed successfully
      [domain@localhost:9990 /] reload --host=master

      Access the JBoss EAP management console and go to "Tools" (lower right) -> "Management Model" -> navigate to the datasource configured above.

      Both fields "Credential Reference.alias" and "Credential Reference.store" have no data in them. Even after attempting to add the credential store and credential reference via the UI, they are not visible.

      This is the behavior in JBoss EAP 7.4.11 and 7.4.12. In JBoss EAP 7.4.10 the fields are visible. I am attaching screenshots as well 


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