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Web console: not possible to add Commit Markable Resource to the transactions subsystem


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      It's possible to use cli instead of web console

      It's possible to use cli instead of web console
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      1. Start EAP
      2. Go to http://localhost:9990/console/index.html#transactions
      3. Switch to expert mode
      4. Click on commit-markable-resource
      5. Add
      6. Add
      7. Error appears
      Start EAP Go to http://localhost:9990/console/index.html#transactions Switch to expert mode Click on commit-markable-resource Add Add Error appears

      I can't find any mentions of CMR in normal mode, however you can find it in the expert mode. That being said, even though there is a button to add the CMR, it doesn't work.
      It's not even possible to set the JNDI name which is required.
      After the add attempt the web console doesn't even provide any information regarding what went wrong.

            thofman Tomas Hofman
            ogerzica@redhat.com Ondrej Gerzicak
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