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Web Console: It's not clear which attributes will be reset (which attributes are required)


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      1) start EAP
      2) go to http://localhost:9990/console/index.html#transactions (you may need to add a user)
      3) In edit, set Use Journal Store to True and save the form
      4) Click reset
      5) You can see, that the Use Journal Store stayed set to True

      In the description, it says that only non-required attributes will be reset, but I can't see anywhere, that the Use Journal Store attribute is required. I know that I saw some attribute marked as required in the edit mode, but in this example you can see, that the Use Journal Store attribute is marked even in the edit mode, probably because it's a boolean and cannot be unset by the web console.
      That being said, the user cannot possibly know that this attribute will not be reset. 

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