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[GSS](7.2.z) Stuck messages with message grouping in cluster and restart of remote grouping handler


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    • 7.0.0.ER3, 7.0.0.ER7, 7.2.0.GA
    • ActiveMQ, JMS
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      There are 4 servers, one local and three remote. Each server has connected receiver/producer for some group. During send and receive, restart one node with Remote grouping handler. Sometimes, some messages are missing.

      Test scenario
      1 Start four servers in cluster with message grouping. node-1 is "LOCAL" other are "REMOTE"
      2 Create one producer which sends 500 messages to inQueue on node-1,each message has different group-id
      3 For each used group create own producer and connect him to one of four servers (based on order in sequence), this producer starts messages with its specific group-id. or each used group-id is also created one consumer, connected to the same server as producer.
      4 start sending/receiving messages
      5 Crash sequence of node-2 is executed in 20s intervals

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