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Wrong quickstarts repo referenced in the JBoss EAP MP Reactive Messaging Quickstart


      There is a wrong quickstarts repository referenced in the JBoss EAP variant of the MP Reactive Messaging quickstart in following files:

      $ grep -r wildfly/quickstart.git                   
      helm-rhosak.yml:  uri: https://github.com/wildfly/quickstart.git
      helm-bootable-jar-rhosak.yml:  uri: https://github.com/wildfly/quickstart.git
      helm-bootable-jar-amq-streams.yml:  uri: https://github.com/wildfly/quickstart.git
      helm-amq-streams.yml:  uri: https://github.com/wildfly/quickstart.git

      This value is correct for the upstream quickstarts but I believe that for the JBoss EAP variant, we should use following value:

      uri: https://github.com/jboss-developer/jboss-eap-quickstarts.git

      Also, we could probably add "build.ref" attribute into these helm definitions to point to correct branch. But since this attribute is specified in the README already, it's an optional proposal for improvement.

            kkhan1@redhat.com Kabir Khan
            jstourac@redhat.com Jan Stourac
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