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(7.3.z) WFLY-14826 - Intermittent failures with org.jboss.as.test.multinode.ejb.timer.database.DatabaseTimerServiceMultiNodeTestCase


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    • 7.3.9.CR1, 7.3.9.GA
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      We're seeing intermittent failures in DatabaseTimerServiceMultiNodeTestCase on our CI server. After recent migration to new machine, those failures became pretty much regular.

      It seems that the TimedObjectTimerServiceBean deployed on client node is initially not processing any timer events - even if the test passes vast majority of events are processed on server node. Occasionally this results in all of the events being handled by the server and test failing

            spyrkob Bartosz Spyrko-Smietanko
            spyrkob Bartosz Spyrko-Smietanko
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