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[GSS](7.3.z) EJBCLIENT-408 - Racecondition in RemotingEJBDiscoveryProvider is causing a NullPointerException


      A race condition in RemotingEJBDiscoveryProvider is causing a NullPointerException in line 126 during autoboxing the Long value.

      This can happen in the case that Thread A is executing line 123 with the containsKey and a return value of true, then Thread B is removing that entry from the Map, while Thread A is calling get in line 126, which will result in a return value of null, leading to a NullPointerException during autoboxing, see:

      122     private boolean haveNotExpiredFailedDestination(URI uri) {
      123         if(!failedDestinations.containsKey(uri))
      124             return false;
      125         else {
      126             long failureTimestamp = failedDestinations.get(uri);
      127             long delta = System.nanoTime() - failureTimestamp;
      128             return delta < DESTINATION_RECHECK_INTERVAL;
      129         }
      130     }

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