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[7.4.0 RN] Warn users that TLS 1.1 is disabled by default on newer JDKs and user might need to re-enable it


    • EAP DOC Sprint 13:June21-July2

      We need to add a note to 7.4.0 release notes warning users, that they might need to re-enable TLS 1.1 especially when using FIPS

      Suggested text (feel free to reword it properly):
      "New versions of JDKs might have TLS 1.1 disabled in their default configuration. EAP 7.4.0 was tested with TLS 1.1 and the EAP documentation is written with TLS 1.1, so users might need to re-enable this version in their JDK cofiguration."

      See JBEAP-21941 for more details

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