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Missing accessClassInPackage.sun.misc RuntimePermission in jboss-marshalling on Java 11


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    • 7.4.0.GA
    • 7.4.0.Beta
    • Security Manager
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      • cd testsuite/integration/manualmode
      • mvn clean install -B -Dsecurity.manager -Dtest=AuthenticationForwardingSLSFTestCase

      Some tests hang indefinitely of fail when using security manager and Java 11, for example AuthenticationForwardingSFSFTestCase, AuthenticationForwardingSLSFTestCase, CdiFailoverTestCase, because of missing RuntimePermission permission accessClassInPackage.sun.misc when initializating jboss-marshalling.

      This is not a test issue, see JBMAR-234. There is a workaround, the missing permission can be granted in deployments.

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