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[7.4.Beta] Update "5.1. Example Workflow: Automated Transaction Recovery Feature When Scaling Down a Cluster" wrt AMQ deployment


      The "5.1. Example Workflow: Automated Transaction Recovery Feature When Scaling Down a Cluster" chapter should be updated wrt. the usage of the AMQ deployment in the tx recovery quickstart.


      The current version of the quickstart contain an additional AMQ 7.2 deployment, which should be represented in the documentation by:

      1. Add a warning or a note that having the amq-broker-72-openshift:1.1 image stream installed is now a prerequisite for the quickstart)

      2. Update the outcome of the oc new-app command, my current output is :

      oc new-app --template=eap72-tx-recovery-s2i \
      > -p SOURCE_REPOSITORY_URL=https://github.com/jboss-openshift/openshift-quickstarts \
      > -p SOURCE_REPOSITORY_REF=master \
      > -p CONTEXT_DIR=jta-crash-rec-eap7 \
      > -e CUSTOM_INSTALL_DIRECTORIES=extensions/* \
      > --name=eap-app
      --> Deploying template "eap-demo/eap72-tx-recovery-s2i" to project eap-tx-demo
           JBoss EAP 7.2 + AMQ 7 (tx recovery)
           An example Red Hat JBoss EAP 7 application with transaction recovery configured. For more information about using this template, see https://github.com/jboss-container-images/jboss-eap-7-openshift-image/blob/eap72/README.adoc
           A new EAP based application has been created in your project.
           * With parameters:
              * Application Name=eap-app
              * Git Repository URL=https://github.com/jboss-openshift/openshift-quickstarts
              * Git Reference=master
              * Custom install directories (see documentation).=extensions/*
              * Context Directory=jta-crash-rec-eap7
              * AMQ Volume Size=1Gi
              * JMS Connection Factory JNDI Name=java:jboss/DefaultJMSConnectionFactory
              * Split the data directory?=false
              * AMQ Protocols=openwire
              * Queues=jms.queue.jta-crash-rec-quickstart
              * Topics=
              * AMQ Serializable Packages=
              * AMQ cluster password=GekDeQN2 # generated
              * AMQ Username=user6CJ # generated
              * AMQ Password=8FGQJffQ # generated
              * AMQ Role=admin
              * AMQ Mesh Discovery Type=dns
              * AMQ Storage Limit=100 gb
              * Github Webhook Secret=AY7Pq8IQ # generated
              * Generic Webhook Secret=QernWMO7 # generated
              * ImageStream Namespace=openshift
              * JGroups Cluster Password=YpkLangs # generated
              * Deploy Exploded Archives=false
              * Maven mirror URL=
              * Maven Additional Arguments=-Dcom.redhat.xpaas.repo.jbossorg
              * ARTIFACT_DIR=
              * MEMORY_LIMIT=1Gi
              * EAP Volume Size=1Gi
              * Split the data directory?=true
      --> Creating resources ...
          serviceaccount "eap-app-sa" created
          rolebinding.authorization.openshift.io "eap-app-role-binding" created
          service "eap-app" created
          service "eap-app-ping" created
          service "eap-app-amq-tcp" created
          service "eap-app-amq-mesh" created
          route.route.openshift.io "eap-app" created
          imagestream.image.openshift.io "eap-app" created
          buildconfig.build.openshift.io "eap-app" created
          deploymentconfig.apps.openshift.io "eap-app" created
          deploymentconfig.apps.openshift.io "eap-app-amq" created
          deploymentconfig.apps.openshift.io "eap-app-migration" created
          persistentvolumeclaim "eap-app-eap-claim" created
          persistentvolumeclaim "eap-app-amq-claim" created
      --> Success
          Access your application via route 'eap-app-eap-tx-demo.apps.example.com' 
          Build scheduled, use 'oc logs -f bc/eap-app' to track its progress.
          Run 'oc status' to view your app.

      2. Update the list of deploymentconfigs in the output of "oc get dc"

      $ oc get dc
      eap-app             1          1         1         config,image(eap-app:latest)
      eap-app-amq         1          1         1         config,image(amq-broker-72-openshift:1.1)
      eap-app-migration   1          1         1         config,image(eap-app:latest)

      3. Update the lists of pod in the subsequent listings, e.g.

      eap-app-2-bfdpj             1/1       Running     0          1m
      eap-app-amq-1-mws7x         1/1       Running     0          2m
      eap-app-migration-1-2jf9g   1/1       Running     0          2m

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