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[GSS](7.3.z) WFLY-13651 - EJB Stats MBeans do not return method stats via JMX, but does via CLI


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    • 7.3.3.CR1, 7.3.3.GA
    • 7.3.1.GA
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      This looks like a bug in that the JMX is not responding with the same as the CLI.


      unzip -d $JBOSS_HOME/ reproducer-overlay.zip

      From JMX, it is not seeing an array under methods, it is returning CompositeDataSupport with 3 keys execution-time , invocations and wait-time all null. To match the CLI output, methods would need to return an another CompositeDataSupport where the key is the method name and its value is another CompositeDataSupport that has keys: execution-time , invocations and wait-time with the correct values.

      methods: javax.management.openmbean.CompositeDataSupport(compositeType=javax.management.openmbean.CompositeType(name=Complex type,items=((itemName=execution-time,itemType=javax.management.openmbean.SimpleType(name=java.lang.String)),(itemName=invocations,itemType=javax.management.openmbean.SimpleType(name=java.lang.String)),(itemName=wait-time,itemType=javax.management.openmbean.SimpleType(name=java.lang.String)))),contents={execution-time=null, invocations=null, wait-time=null})
      methods.getCompositeType: javax.management.openmbean.CompositeType(name=Complex type,items=((itemName=execution-time,itemType=javax.management.openmbean.SimpleType(name=java.lang.String)),(itemName=invocations,itemType=javax.management.openmbean.SimpleType(name=java.lang.String)),(itemName=wait-time,itemType=javax.management.openmbean.SimpleType(name=java.lang.String))))
      key: execution-time value: null
      key: invocations value: null
      key: wait-time value: null 
      [standalone@localhost:9990 /] /deployment=ejb-client.jar/subsystem=ejb3/stateless-session-bean=Hello:read-resource(recursive=true, include-runtime=true)
          "outcome" => "success",
          "result" => {
              "component-class-name" => "Hello",
              "declared-roles" => [],
              "execution-time" => 5L,
              "invocations" => 20L,
              "methods" => {
                  "sayHello" => {
                      "execution-time" => 5L,
                      "invocations" => 10L,
                      "wait-time" => 36L
                  "goodbye" => {
                      "execution-time" => 0L,
                      "invocations" => 10L,
                      "wait-time" => 3L

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