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Log a WARN if the base version of EAP is not what is expected by the installed JBoss EAP expansion pack


      Incorporate within the modules installed by JBoss EAP XP short form identifying information about the expansion pack that provides those modules (see JBEAP-19147) as well as the short form base EAP version (the 'product-version' reported by the management API and shown in the 'xxxx .... started in yyyy ms...' server log message) that is consistent with that expansion pack. During boot of a normal server, if any of the XP subsystem are used, perform a check of the expected base EAP version against what is actually present. If there is a mismatch, log a WARN. If there is no mismatch, log a DEBUG.

      The check only occurs if one of the 'expansion' subsystem starts and its add handler performs Stage.RUNTIME processing, e.g. it won't occur with an --admin-only server. We don't want to log WARNs for transient inconsistencies as users use --admin-only while upgrading the base EAP patch version and then the XP one.

      Doing a WARN regardless of whether the subsystems are used would be marginally better but isn't really feasible in a short time frame.

      I don't know any reasonably fast-to-develop way to do an automated test that the WARN gets logged as that would require installing an entire fake incompatible upgrade. It should be possible to check that that DEBUG message gets logged though, which shows that the mechanism to do the check gets called and gets the key data needed to do the check.

            bstansbe@redhat.com Brian Stansberry
            bstansbe@redhat.com Brian Stansberry
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