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[GSS](7.2.z) Calling Asynchronous EJB will use the propagated caller transaction which is not according to the specification


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      Use TransactionAttributeType.REQUIRES_NEW

      Use TransactionAttributeType.REQUIRES_NEW

      Asynchronous Invocations are not supposed to be part of the callers transaction because there is no guarantee that the async call is executed in parallel or after the caller already ended.
      This will cause warnings and exceptions if the asynchronous call is trying to use the transaction while the container is commiting or rolling back the transaction.

      It will break compatibility when migrating from earlier version (<=7.0).

      According to the EJB specification

      4.5.3 Transactions
      The client’s transaction context does not propagate with an asynchronous method invocation. From the
      Bean Provider’s point of view, there is never a transaction context flowing in from the client. This
      means, for example, that the semantics of the REQUIRED transaction attribute on an asynchronous
      method are exactly the same as REQUIRES_NEW.

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