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(7.3.z) Scaling up multiple pods in parallel from 0 can lead to 2 coordinators


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    • 7.3.0.CD18
    • Clustering, OpenShift
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      Use case here is set up upstream DNS_PING cluster of 3 nodes and run multiple clients on it. Check that session is properly replicated and counter is correct over whole cluster.

      But it happened counter was changed.

      Attaching pods logs, events and test logs.

      Suspicious to me seems this message in pods - indicating split brain?

      INFO  [org.infinispan.CLUSTER] (thread-6,null,hejbc-1-d7jxc) ISPN000093: Received new, MERGED cluster view for channel ee: MergeView::[hejbc-1-fds24|2] (3) [hejbc-1-fds24, hejbc-1-d7jxc, hejbc-1-9trs5], 2 subgroups: [hejbc-1-d7jxc|1] (2) [hejbc-1-d7jxc, hejbc-1-9trs5], [hejbc-1-fds24|0] (1) [hejbc-1-fds24]

      This can be followup of JBEAP-17083, this particular test was ignored because of JBEAP-17083 until CD18.

      Or this can be related to other Upstream DNS_PING failures we are investigating currently JBEAP-18066 JBEAP-18070

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