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[Doc 7.3.0.Beta] changes to liveness/readiness probes when migrating to EAP 7.3 images


      Same behaviour documented under JBEAP-17464 should be documented for all EAP 7.3 images. Behaviour changed for OCP 3 as well as OCP 4.

      Original text:
      This jira is follow up to JBEAP-16858.

      There should be added new chapter Migration application to Openshift 4 to Getting Started with JBoss EAP for OpenShift Container Platform [1].

      JBEAP-16858 changed behaviour of liveness and readiness probles on OCP 4. Context can be found in description of CLOUD-2742.

      If liveness probe was configured like:

                  - /bin/bash
                  - '-c'
                  - /opt/eap/bin/livenessProbe.sh
              initialDelaySeconds: 0
              timeoutSeconds: 1
              periodSeconds: 10
              successThreshold: 1
              failureThreshold: 3

      One call of {{ /opt/eap/bin/livenessProbe.sh}} took 5 sec on OCP 3 before it returned. On OCP 4 it took less than 1 sec.

      So for example for configuration of liveness probe above the container inside pod would be restarted after ~35 sec but on OCP 4 after ~23 sec in case that probe will report that server is down. Configuration of the probes should be adjusted to reflect this change.

      [1] https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-us/red_hat_jboss_enterprise_application_platform/7.2/html/getting_started_with_jboss_eap_for_openshift_container_platform/index

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