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Rename a chapter in EPA 6.3 Admin and config guide - publican can't identify file extension


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      Tokyo asked us to update EAP 6.3 Admin and config guide. This document is still getting like 10k page views every quarter but it is been essentially outdated in Japanese for a while.

      Unfortunately we are having problems to build correctly the Chapter 6.1.5 Deployment_of_-ds.xml_files

      The problem is “.xml” in the title and file name. Unfortunately there seems to be a bug in publican and during the conversion from Docbook.xml to PO gettext, which we use for translation, this specific .xml is interpreted as file name extension and is converted this way: Deployment_of_-ds.pot_files.xml instead of Deployment_of_-ds.xml_files.pot. Sadly, a manual fix on our side does not help.

      We could ask the tooling team for fix, but I think this would have a low priority. The quickiest fix I can think about is if you could rename the source XML file on your side:

      "Deployment_of_-ds_xml_files” instead of "Deployment_of_-ds.xml_files" would already do the job.

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