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(7.4.z) WFCORE-3103 - Embedded server doesn't close open file handles


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    • 7.1.0.ER2
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      When embedded server is started programatically (eg. via CLI wrapper) with specified jboss home, JARs from that path are opened via classloader. But these open handles are never released even after embedded server is stopped.

      This causes problem in situation eg. when you want to delete that jboss home. This is exactly one of the scenarios used in EAP installer, you are not allowed to delete open files on Windows - see JBEAP-1404.

      I created a simple project that reproduce the issue with arbitrary EAP/WF distribution https://github.com/jbliznak/embedded-server-filelocking

      Run it with:
      mvn clean test "-Dwildfly.home=C:\dev\jboss-eap-7.1" "-Denforcer.skip" -Dtest=ModulesFileLockingTestCase

      Manual steps to reproduce in Java code:

      • start a CLI wrapper
      • start embed-server from given server path
      • stop embed-server
      • terminate CLI wrapper
      • try to delete given server path

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