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Security Architecture review feedback



    For https://issues.jboss.org/browse/JBEAP-11966, did a review of the Security Architecture guide. Some minor updates were submitted through that JIRA, but here are the rest of the outstanding items from the review:

    1. Table 2.1. Permissions of Each Role
      • Table renders poorly on the portal - try to redesign the table or break it into separate tables
      • Consider using icons instead of just X's.

        is a good checkmark or


        is a good X.

    2. 2.3. JMX
      • The following paragraph doesn't read right. I think it might be missing versions: "Prior to JBoss EAP, the management functionality was primarily JMX-based, meaning the management functionality relied on these JMX-exposed beans to perform operations. With JBoss EAP, the core management does not rely on them to perform operations. "
    3. 2.8. Security Subsystem
      • The following sentence is confusing; it's trying to both say you configure something in the security system and point you to a section at the same time. Maybe separate into two sentences. "In the rare case that security elements require changes, those configuration changes, as well as deep-copy-subject-mode, may be found in the Security Management section of the security subsystem."
    4. 4.1. Out of the Box
      • "elytron" and "openssl" both have the same generic description of "A provider loader."
      • The items listed here should be in some logical order. Either alphabetical, or broken up by categories maybe w/ headings (security realms, mappers, etc.).
    5. 4.5. SSO for Web Applications
      • This section is empty. It should either be filled in or commented out until it's filled in




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