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Clean up managed domain handling of the transaction subsystem's 'probe' operation



      Subtask for this item from the parent issue:

      The transaction subsystem's "probe" operation. A read-only, runtime-only op registered on the profile resource but which is functionally a no-op if invoked on the profile resource. But WFCORE-2858 would mean this now gets rolled out to all servers in the domain that use the profile, triggering an actual probe on all. So, if we do WFCORE-2858 we could:
      a) Accept this, and let the op roll out. That should be an RFE though, with analysis that rolling it out would be harmless.
      b) Remove the op from the profile. It never did anything useful (just a no-op that isn't rolled out) so removing it is only
      a semi-breaking change.
      c) Add OperationEntry.Flag.HOST_CONTROLLER_ONLY to the operation definition to prevent that rollout.
      Choice c) would let WFCORE-2858 go forward and preserve the status quo for this op, with a) and b) still options for the future, so that's what will be done as part of this work.

      The parent issue will do choice c); this issue is to decide the final status.

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