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(7.4.z) Certify Oracle 12c RAC Cluster Support with Oracle UCP


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    • 7.0.0.GA, 7.1.0.GA
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      This is purely a certification task of Oracle 12c RAC Cluster UCP support. The issue might be blocked by failures which are filed against upstream (7.x). If any of those failures result in code changes, then the issue at hand will need to be cloned for 7.1.z stream.

      Provide support for Oracle 12c RAC cluster UCP (Unified Connenction Pool), Certify/support Oracle cluster features via connection pool shadowing.

      Provide Documentation on best practices for configuration as well as the caveats/downsides.

      Ideally the tests should address and invalidate the concerns raised in the following GSS case:
      The following GSS case "comment 5" can be used to identify the areas where documentation is needed:

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