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Work to remove all upstream 3rd party deps in the devstudio 11.1 rpm


    • devex #139 October 2017
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      This is a wrapper issue for a number of subtasks and linked issues related to eliminating the 3rd party plugins in the devstudio copr rpm, so that it can ultimately be built w/ brew.

      Tasks include:

      • add rpms already in Fedora to SCL/DevTools (eg., Datatools, WTP Dali/JPT)
      • create new rpms in Fedora (buildship, recommenders/snipmatch, sapphire[1], m2e & extras[2], m2e-wtp & extras[3], tern.java)
      • removal of old/duplicate versions in the target platform (javax.activation, guava, jetty, asm, aries
      • ensure we're using the latest linuxtools/docker tools (including new features/plugins added for 6.1/6.1.1)

      [1] may require contributing a Maven/Tycho build upstream to that project so we can then consume it in Koji/Brew
      [2] m2e extras include: buildhelper, egit, mavenarchiver
      [3] m2e.wtp extras include: jaxrs, jpa, jsf

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