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Include OpenJDK release into installer


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    • 10.3.0.AM2
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    • devex #124 December 2017
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      From akashche@redhat.com:
      Public download: https://developers.redhat.com/download-manager/file/java-1.8.0-openjdk-
      sha256: d4fa67a45cef119325e9ef775ea53dee0e2754b2df511618f91abf5acda6ddf0

      Notable changes that can affect DevSuite are:

      1) MSI installer now includes Update Notifier utility. This utility is not installed by default. In installer UI form with installation directory chooser is changed, but should behave the same (jdk installed into default directory, notifier not installed) on default "Next" action.

      For silent install MSI now contains two named "installation features": "jdk" and "update_notifier". msiexec invocation without specifying features:

      msiexec /quiet /i jdk.msi

      should behave the same way if only jdk feature will be specified:

      msiexec /quiet /i jdk.msi ADDLOCAL=jdk

      INSTALLDIR variable also should continue to work.

      To install both jdk and update_notifier (that is probably not needed for DevSuite) the following can be used:

      msiexec /quiet /i jdk.msi ADDLOCAL=jdk,update_notifier

      2) MSI installer size grew up to 103MB, that is mostly caused not by update_notifier (that is less than 5MB) but by inclusion of additional Java sources into src.zip bundle that is installed into jdk directory. Now debugging of all jdk-internal Java packages (sun., com.sun.) should work in Eclipse.

            nivologd@gmail.com Denis Golovin (Inactive)
            nivologd@gmail.com Denis Golovin (Inactive)
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