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Create Deployment from Template


      Use Case #3
      Create Deployment from Template

      a) Assume OpenShift is started remotely and provides an entrypoint URL
      b) Assume end-user is logged in (ignore auth for now)
      c) Eclipse user will open a dialog and enter the URL from step a
      d) Eclipse user will then be presented with a list of templates from the template library
      (initially a set of files on the local filesystem until openshift has a real template library api)
      e) The template list should allow sorting so that higher priority items are at the top
      We will likely need some form of categorization for templates also
      f) The template list should be searchable by keyword
      g) Eclipse user will select a particular template and
      h) Create a new openshift deployment based on selected template
      i) follow steps JBDS-3297 f through j (clone, import, project facets, etc)

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