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      As an OpenShift v3 end-user, I need to be deploy, undeploy, add, remove, etc. for applications targeting the v3 API.

      The UI for OpenShift Explorer will need to be expanded (or replaced) to handle v3's new terminology and architecture.

      For June @Burr tells us to implement (Mail "Forget everything you know about OpenShift"):

      It could be as simple as…somewhere in OpenShift v3 is the git URL to a source repo….
      Our Eclipse end-user needs to be able to “browse” for it and select it
      git clone it
      make changes
      git push it back

      This gives us 3 main use cases (as in mail and chats):

      1. Import existing OpenShift project (JBDS-3297)
      2. Push Changes to Existing OpenShift project (JBDS-3298)
      3. New Project from Template (template should have a default buildconfig, deployconfig and docker image)

      Use Case #1 assumes a TON about what has happened before me.

      • Assumes that OpenShift Enterprise is installed, configured and running happily at an accessible URL
      • Assumes end-user is already logged in (there is no auth method at this time)
      • Assumes that someone else (not our eclipse end-user) has manually created his/her “project” with an image, a git repo, a deployment config, a build config, defined routes, defined services, etc.

      We have a more extensive document that outlines the usecases:


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