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Can't install JBoss Central software


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    • 8.0.0.Beta2
    • 8.0.0.Beta2
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      On first opening JBoss Central Updates tab, I get a pop-up window with an error message 'An internal error occurred during: "Computing connector status".'

      The plug-ins are listed on the JBoss Central Updates tab. I selected install HMT but got a message that the connector is not available.

      I tried 'install all' and got a similar error message:
      The following connectors are not available: JBoss Tools Maven Packaging Configurator, JBoss Hybrid Mobile Tools + CordovaSim, Eclipse EGit: Mylyn Support, Mylyn Issue Tracker Connectors, Eclipse VJET. Proceed with the installation anyways?

      Pressing cancel I get an error message 'Problem Occurred' window.

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