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JBDS will not start with java 6 - a warning should be displayed during installation


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      We should warn users when they select Java 6 during JBDS installation. Or perhaps even prohibit them from selecting it?

      I just tried it and I was able to install JBDS, but it them wouldn't start - it shows the splash screen for a few seconds and then stops without any warning or error.

      This is related to JBDS-2984 - there we removed the mention that java 6 is supported.

      Here I would suggest to show a red warning once java 6 is selected - similar to how we warn people when they select java 8 in JBDS 7.1.1 installer. Another option would be to block java 6 altogether (not allow to continue) - that should be considered, since JBDS does not even start with java 6.

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