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Improve Performance of small and large projects


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      Users have had noticable issues when importing projects having many schemas, many annotations and dependencies in past. Our and WTP validators seem to be causing issues - some are actual performance issues and others seem to be more perceived than actual issues.

      Unfortunately perceived issues for the user feels just as slow as real issues.


      Look in jira for performance issues and add "performance" label to them

      Allocate dev to use profiler to spot hotspots and get these findings reported/documented and then triage based on these findings

      Work with QE to setup performance measurements for end user common operations related to these issues (example: import project, run validation etc.) for small (quickstarts), medium (ticketmonster) and large (wildfly) projects and publish these numbers over time and keep track if getting better/worse.

      Setup goals to reach for these performance measurements.

      Don’t add new features that make performance worse. For example don’t introduce one more slow validation feature to the validator which already has performance issues until those issues are solved.

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