Essentially, it is about supporting eventual consistency in Infinispan. Currently Infinispan is strongly consistent when using synchronous distribution mode. Each data owner receives updates synchronously so anyone anywhere on the cluster doing a GET will see the correct value. The only exception is during a rehash (when a new node joins or leaves), that consistency is eventual since the GET may reach a new joiner who may not have applied state it receives from its neighbours yet. However this is hidden from users since the GET is sent to> 1 data owner and if an UnsureResponse is received (determined by the fact that a new joiner responds and the new joiner wouldn't have finished applying state), the caller thread waits for more definite responses.

      However, there is a use case for being eventually consistent as well: the main benefits being speed and partition tolerance. E.g., if we use distribution in asynchronous mode, the writes become much faster. However, anyone anywhere doing a GET will have to perform the GET on all data owners, and compare the versions of the data received to determine which is the latest. And if there is a conflict, to pass back all values to the user.

      So in terms of design, what I have in mind is:

      • All cache entries are versioned using vector clocks. One vector clock per node.
      • When a node performs a GET, the GET is sent to all data owners (concurrently), and the value + version is retrieved from each.
      • If the versions are all the same (or they can be "fast forwarded"), the value is returned
      • Otherwise, all potential values and their versions are returned
      • A resolve() API should be provided where application code may provide a "hint" as to which version should be "correct" - which will cause an update.
      • In terms of implementation, this will touch the DistributionInterceptor, InternalCacheEntry and relevant factories, some config code (since this should be consistency model should be configurable), and a new public interface.

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