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TEST_PING doesn't trigger merge after JGroups 4.0.13 upgrade


      In JGroups 4.0.13.Final, MERGE3 started using the ASYNC_DISCOVERY_EVENT to find other members. TEST_PING doesn't handle the event correctly, at least when trace logging is enabled, and the merge never happens.

      Discovery should handle the new event automatically, but it only works if the discovery protocol actively sends out GET_MBRS_REQ messages and receives GET_MBRS_RSP messages from other members. TEST_PING doesn't receive any GET_MBRS_RSP messages, so Discovery.addResponse() is never called.

      This causes failures in all the tests that split the cluster and heal it, but for some reason CI isn't reporting the failures:

      [OK:    70, KO:     1, SKIP:     0] Test failed: org.infinispan.distribution.rehash.RehashAfterPartitionMergeTest.testCachePartition[DIST_SYNC]
      java.lang.RuntimeException: Timed out before caches had changed views ([[RehashAfterPartitionMergeTest[DIST_SYNC]-NodeB-45390], [RehashAfterPartitionMergeTest[DIST_SYNC]-NodeD-46782]]) to contain 2 members
      	at org.infinispan.test.TestingUtil.blockUntilViewsChanged(TestingUtil.java:761)
      	at org.infinispan.test.TestingUtil.blockUntilViewsChanged(TestingUtil.java:743)
      	at org.infinispan.distribution.rehash.RehashAfterPartitionMergeTest.testCachePartition(RehashAfterPartitionMergeTest.java:67)


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