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Ignore cache not found on remote when using invalidation caches


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      We are using Infinispan as a 2LC for Hibernate. Cache regions are dynamically created, named for Hibernate entities. They clone the entity cache configuration and create new regions. This works great.

      We have a cluster of five application servers, each running the same stack and participating in the invalidation cluster.

      When we roll out a new version across our application servers we sometimes add, remove or rename entities. If we've removed an entity this causes that cache to not exist on the newly updated application server. This causes the other application servers, not yet updated, to try to send invalidation messages to the new one and when they discover that the cache isn't running they throw a SuspectException and start to fail.

      In AbstractTransport there is an option to ignore the CacheNotFoundResponse. That does not appear to be set in my case. I haven't found a configuration option to have this set. With apologies if it is already available: Would it be possible to add an option to ignore the cache not found responses?

      If it is something that should be added I am happy to attempt to supply a PR.

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