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Data can be lost when making concurrent updates using READ_COMMITTED and PESSIMISTIC locking


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    • 7.2.5.Final
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      There appears to be a concurrency issue in Infinispan 7.2.5, when using using PESSIMISTIC READ_COMMITTED locking inside Wildfly.

      The issue is that some values that are written and committed by one thread and then read back by the same thread are no longer in the cache when the cache is being modified concurrently. The issues appears to be related to expiration as it does not occur when expiration is disabled. The issue occurs both in Wildfly 8.2.x and 9.x

      The issue was first discovered in Modeshape 4.2.5.Final see MODE-2558 for additional information. This example application was provided by hchiorean after he investigated the issue in the Modeshape code base and was able to isolate the problem to Infinispan.

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