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Define a policy for cluster merge if partition handling is enabled and the availability is changed by an admin


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      Documentation (Ref Guide, User Guide, etc.)


      If there is no user intervention during a cluster split with enabled partition handling there is NO available partition or ONE. It is not possible in this case to have >1 available partitions.
      Because of that there is no handling defined for this. As a result the cluster is in an undifined and maybe inconsistent state after merge.

      There should be a definition how this situation will be resolved!

      • First a manual intervention should be logged in a different way to document it, at the moment the log message is the same no matter whether the state changed by hand or not.
      • If there is a majority of nodes (from last stable) this partition should stay active and the other (available) should be erased in the same way as the degraded one.
      • If there is a simple majority this should be used
      • If there is no majorty ... random?
      • In any case a merge of avail-avail should be log a WARN (maybe on each node)

      In any case there should be a documented policy to be sure what the ramifications are if there is a manual intervention for the available state.

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